Soooo when I'm not taking pics of weddings I am taking travel pics, I love architecture and street photography, Berlin was perfect for this.

I am a city girl through and through and for my 1st wedding anniversary in September we decided to travel to Amsterdam and Berlin.

I have been to Amsterdam a few times but Berlin my first and it blew me away as one of my favourite cites I have visited so far. As soon as you step into the train station you turn back in time to the 50's. The architecture is mixed with Contrasts between historical buildings and modern architecture, between the traditional and the modern are what set the city apart from the rest. From the historic Brandenburg Gate to the Berlin wall the city is packed with history.

Berlin is really up on it's latest trends music, art, clothing, food etc. Every corner is covered in graffiti art work. so many cool bars to sit outside, sip cocktails or find quirky hidden bars with no name that are stuck on the 20's, speakeasy as its finest.

What a wicked retro city I feel I need to see more.

Until next time Berlin.

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