Kev & Lou's Elopement, Copenhagen.

So after 17 years together Kev and Lou finally get hitched in one of their most loved cities, Copenhagen on the 5th of July 2018. Myself and my wifey Michelle were lucky enough to witness their very special and intimate wedding day.

I like to call Kev and Lou my family, we have known each other little over 10 years and I was introduced to them through Michelle who has been mates with them for 15 years. We all have a few tales to tell :)

I was first introduced to them both at a gig in Bristol where we saw The Gossip, which was a sweaty gig that ended with us missing the bus back to Cardiff! Getting drunk and jumping around at a gig is not a bad way to meet someone I guess!

Over the years we have experienced several Glastonburys together, holidays to Amsterdam, Edinburgh and Snowdonia to name but a few.

This was one of the most special days and I was so excited to go and of course take photos of their amazing day.

I wanted to make a fuss of them and make the start of the day special by laying on a substantial breakfast spread which consisted of traditional Danish pastries, whiskey and of course Champagne. To top that off the guys also surprised us with presents, Chanel lipstick...Say Whaaaaat!

Whilst I was blowing up confetti balloons in the dinning room Louis told me after that they were really worried that I was blowing up a giant inflatable penis; haha come on I have more class than that!! Instead it was complete with 'Just Married' bunting, cigars and presents to which one of them was a sentimental gift from Louis's old friend back in France - something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

So after getting ready we headed to Nyhavn, one of the most beautiful spots in Copenhagen to Kev's favourite pub, McJoys. The harbour front is amazing and lined by brightly coloured 17th and early 18th century townhouses and bars, cafes and restaurants. There are beautiful historical wooden ships and the whole thing is simply stunning at sunset.

The city hall is one of the most stunning old buildings I have ever seen, I just loved the grandeur of the place with massive hanging curtains, giant busts, red Danish flags, gold stair cases, and giant murals. Wow!!

I'm one of the biggest romantics you will ever meet and when it's someone close to you getting married I'm even more emotional than usual. I managed to hold it together until the vows, the words were just beautiful it set me right off! They went a little something like this...

"Apart from the official proceedings your wedding is also a very special way of you two saying yes to each other and yes to love.

With the special 'Yes' you are making a big commitment that reaches far beyond your wedding day today.

Today you commit to always be there for each other, to laugh, to cry and commit to each others' dreams and needs and make sure your marriage has space for the both of you.

Your wedding is an invitation to do your very best at merging all of your dreams and needs together for a devoted marriage.

So with all of these good wishes I now ask you Kevin if you take Ludovic to be your spouse?"

I do!!!!!

Awwww congrats you lovely people, we love you guys. Here are my favourite photos from the day.


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