Rich & Amanda

When you know the people getting married it makes it even easier to take photos and even more special.

What can I say I'm so chuffed for you guys to finally get hitched. I met Amanda waaaay back in 2011 as I she interviewed me for my first job after uni and met Rich roughly around the same time. Right from the start we hit it off, lots of laughs, drunken work nights and a few cigars.

I remember the night I found out you guys were together, we went out for our Christmas meal in work to a little Italian place in Northampton town centre, I was sat next to my tequila buddy of course, and you guys sat across the table from us. I remember whispering and talking at the bar to Andy as we were ordering tequilas.

"Ooooo Rich and Amanda seem like they are flirting, there is deffo something there"

it went a little something like that anyway, it was a few years ago.

Later that night after a few drinks more I found out there definitely was something going on......and as they say the rest is history ay!! :)

What a beautiful love story, to know you at the start of your relationship to witness you getting hitched, I have loved watching you guys over the years and can see how perfect you are for each other. It really did make me feel so happy to see how much in love you are, I was truly honoured to be a part of your big day.

You were cool, relaxed, happy and content which makes the best photos. You made my job very easy that day. Thank you so much and congratulations you lovely people and I wish you all the love and happiness in the world.

Love you lots



Here are a few of my favourite pics of the day.

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